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NOTD: OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam! & Kiss Me On My Tulips Tape Mani

I finally figured out what the little rolls of tape I bought forever ago from China were for... Tape Manicures!
I had tried using them when I first got them to decorate my nails but I found that even with the strongest of topcoats the tape would just curl up.
I thought pink & blue you can't go wrong, they're a colour match made in heaven.
So here we have OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!  I only used 2 thin coats as I knew it was really just a base for the top colour. Natural light
With flash
This is how my nails looked all taped up ☺

And here is the finished result...  I used 2 coats of Kiss Me On My Tulips and let it dry for a few minutes before gently peeling the tape off.
I think it looks ok for a first attempt though the ring finger did have a slight bleed.  I've already got an idea for another tape mani so watch this space... Natural light
With flash

NOTD: China Glaze Stone Cold & Harvest Moon

Yay!  I've gotten my hands on another 2 of the Hunger Games polishes.  I am loving this collection, well at least half of it anyway.

Today we have Stone Cold which is a matte charcoal black and Harvest Moon a warm metallic copper.

Natural Light
As you can see stone cold literally looks like you've dipped your nail into coal dust, this is my 1st matte polish that I've not wanted to put a topcoat on to.  I really do love it.  The application was good, it's pretty much instant drying and there was full coverage in 1 coat but I did  2 just out of habit.  Felt strange not putting a topcoat on but I didn't want to ruin this look.
With flash
Harvest moon is lustworthy! As you can see in this picture with the flash there are little sparkles of red, green and gold.  1 coat was fairly sheer but 2 coats were perfect, then I topped it with seche vite for extra glossiness.
Only 1 more to get from this collection and that is Dress Me Up, fingers crossed I get it soon.

NOTD: Nails Inc Will & Kate

In honour of the Royal Wedding Anniversary this Sunday, I decided to use the special limited edition polishes released for the big day last year.

Will is a fire engine red, the perfect red and Kate is a soft delicate pink, ideal for a queen.

NOTD: The Avengers!

Edit: Just a quick note to say that Neverland Nail Blog are having a Do You Believe in Magic? nail art competition and seeing as super heroes are kind of magic, I've submitted this as an entry =)

So tomorrow is the big day!  The Avengers movie comes out =D squeeee..... excited much?

I decided I had to TRY some nails in honour of the occasion (and I emphasise try).
I checked a few blogs, then searched google for symbols and this is what i came up with...
I decided to leave Thor cuz although I do love the movie, I think this would have proved itself the most difficult to attempt.
Colours I used are: Nails Inc - Chandos Place, Villiers Street, Duchess Street, Little Miss Naughty, Eden Grove, London Nights.
Opi - Did It On Em.
Urban Decay - Love Train.
Natural light
With flash
I'm pretty pleased with these for a 1st attempt though I do wish I was ambidextrous as it would make doing my right hand a lot easier.
Roll on tomorrow night =D

Burt's Bees Grab Bag

So on Saturday a friend posted on facebook that Burt's Bees were doing Grab Bags with £55 worth of products for £20 so how could I resist?

To top it off it arrived today (3 days later).

All I can say is Wow!  I'm impressed!  What a haul!

Here we have Honey & Orange Wax body lotion and Milk & Honey body lotion.  Edible doesn't even begin to describe!  Can't wait to try this out.

This seems to be a collection called Radiance.  I got an exfoliating body wash with royal jelly & jojoba beads, day cream with royal jelly and night cream with royal jelly, Took me a minute or so to figure out the smell then I got it, rock shandy! Well the body wash and day cream do, not sure about the night cream, there's something else there but maybe it's just the formula.

Left: Super Shiny Grapefruit & Sugar beet Shampoo & Conditioner Right: Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub and Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream.
The Grapefruit & Sugar Beet s…

NOTD: Nails Inc The Cocktail Collection by Malibu

Oh my frack! I forgot how much I loved these polishes.

3 creams brought out last year by Nails Inc in collaboration with Malibu. I believe you bought 2 Malibu drinks in participating bars and got a voucher that you could bring to any Nails Inc Counter. Sounds good? Not really considering living in NI I as usual struggled to find anywhere participating. Eventually I picked up some vouchers on eBay at a bargain price.

Malibu Cosmo is a cranberry tinged purple. If a Cosmo was opaque it'd be this colour. Lovely application, 2 coats for full coverage.

Natural light

With flash

Malibu Mojito is a mint green, verging more on the blue side of mint. Again 2 coats for full coverage.

Natural light

With flash
MaliBlush is coral which has always been a favourite of mine. 2 costs for full coverage.

Natural light

With flash
Really pleased with this mani, as much as I love my current Nails Inc purchases they're all quite wintery shades and I felt like something a wee bit brighter =)

NOTD: Nails Inc New Burlington Place & Color Club Magic Attraction

Ok so for those eagle eyes out there I got confused yesterday and what I thought was Magic Attraction was actually Sugar Plum Fairy. Today however it is Magic Attraction.

Already loving this mani a whole lot more than yesterday's.

New Burlington Place has a lovely formula and was great to apply. Smooth even application and 2 coats made it opaque. It's a berry colour, not quite raspberry not quite wine. It's also got a metallic sheen and a gold/bronze undertone and shimmer. It's a colour I could admire all day.

Natural light
Color Club Magic Attraction got used over my thumb and ring. It has a reddish tone but as with the other Color Club glitters it is predominantly holographic and bling!

With flash (please ignore my torn cuticle)
I've never used glitters like these before they're so dense and holographic.

NOTD: Nails Inc New Kings Road & Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy

So I've been working my way through the sets I got from TK Maxx on Sunday and so far most have impressed.

Not so sure about New Kings Road. Compared to the rest of what seems to be the Midas Collection, this is quite a disappointment. In the bottle it looks like a nice navy/royal blue with a coloured shimmer through it. But unlike the rest which were super sparkly when applied this is actually quite dull. 2 coats gave full coverage but I didn't love the formula, it felt quite thick and as though it was dragging when I applied it. Even with a super glossy topcoat of seche vite it's still a let down.

As with my other manicures I used a Color Club glitter on my ring and thin, today it was Sugar Plum Fairy as it seemed to have a complimentary purple/blue tone.

Again I'm not sure but I think it's more to do with the base colour I've used this time, it would look better with something purple as a base.

As with the other Colour Club glitters it gives good coverage…

NOTD: Nails Inc Wardour Mews & Color Club Gingerbread

Think I may have found a new favourite colour! Wardour Mews in all it's duochrome goodness! In the bottle there's plums, golds and dusky pinks. Once applied (3 coats for full coverage) there are also red and green sparkles. It makes me think of molten rose gold.

I'd planned on embellishing slightly with Gingerbread on my ring and thumb and I'm very pleased with how well they compliment each other. In the bottle it's your bog standard gold glitter with a slight holo glitter but when applied on top of Wardour Mews it enhanced the gold and pink shimmer. The red in the holo really stands out in this combo.

I really am loving this combo!
With flash Artificial light


Just wanted to share this wonderfully talented artists YouTube page. These have to be my favourite nails yet, so simple yet so chic.

NOTD: Nails Inc Regent's Park Road, Colour Club Beyond the Mistletoe & Covered in Diamonds

So this manicure nearly didn't happen.  I'd done it but for the most random of reasons it ended up all over my dog!

Anyway I eventually got round to doing it again.

I've got lots of new goodies to try cuz I hit pay-dirt in TK Maxx yesterday.  Found what looked to be the Nails Inc Midas Touch collection; Wardour Mews, New Kings Road and New Burlington Place except with Regent's Park Road instead of Clifford Street, a set of 3 Nails Inc; Emerald Street, Garrick Street and Burlington Arcade.  Also a Colour Club glitter collection, only problem with it is the box is mis-labled but after some googling a found this to be a common occurrence and  found that the polishes are Sugarplum Fairy, Beyond the Mistletoe, Gingerbread, Magic Attraction, Hot Couture, Covered in Diamonds and a topcoat =)

I decided I felt like spring time nails today so chose the following.

Regent's Park Road is a sparkly emerald green, very similar to Emerald Street but the sparkle is what really make…

NOTD: Nails Inc London Nights, Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix & OPI Rainbow Connection

Hi! So continuing my previous theme and seeing as I'm off this weekend I went for some glossy glitziness.

Nails Inc London Nights, a glossy black. 2 coats of this gave me full coverage. Only disadvantage was the formula was quite gloppy and it tended to drag a little so let it dry between coats (not something I usually do).

Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix, oh my! What can I say? I love this glitter! It's an unusual mix of boho and disco. Boho with the gold & copper glitters. Disco with the blue & purple glitters.
Def a new fave!!

OPI Rainbow Connection, 1 of the much sought after Muppet Collection polishes. Out of a collection of 12 it sold out fastest! It's literally got every colour of the rainbow in large and small pieces.

Both glitters look stunning against the glossy black. I'm in love!!

Natural light With flash With flash Natural light

A shout out to Beads & Bobs!

So we all know Facebook is a great portal for businesses and finding all kinds of weird and wonderful items.

Just over a year ago I connected with a lovely girl called Holly just as she and her mum were in the process of setting up a jewellery business. They started off making bits and pieces for a few of Holly's friends and now a year later they have over 6000 fans!

I'm lucky to be able to count Holly as 1 of my close friends and today, just as I was feeling a little blue, the postman knocked the door to deliver a lovely Easter gift from Holly c/o Beads & Bobs.

The gift is perfect for me!

A stunning handmade luxury chocolate bracelet with a t-bar fastening and some drop earrings to match.

I say perfect cuz as someone who's (supposed to be) following slimming world non-edible chocolate is ideal.

Please do check out their Facebook page.

Natural light

With flash

NOTD: OPI Fly & OPI Gone Gonzo!

These 2 colours are from recent collections. Fly is from the Nicki Minaj collection and Gone Gonzo! from The Muppet collection. Fly is a cream polish that achieved full coverage in 2 coats. I used 2 coats of Gone Gonzo! as I wanted a lot of sparkle and you definitely get that with this polish as it's packed full of small blue glitter and large hexagonal silver glitter. I recommend layering the glitters over a solid polish otherwise you risk having to chisel the polish off as it can take 4 coats to achieve full coverage. Natural light With flash Natural light With flash