Wednesday, 25 April 2012

NOTD: The Avengers!

Edit: Just a quick note to say that Neverland Nail Blog are having a Do You Believe in Magic? nail art competition and seeing as super heroes are kind of magic, I've submitted this as an entry =)

So tomorrow is the big day!  The Avengers movie comes out =D squeeee..... excited much?

I decided I had to TRY some nails in honour of the occasion (and I emphasise try).

I checked a few blogs, then searched google for symbols and this is what i came up with...

I decided to leave Thor cuz although I do love the movie, I think this would have proved itself the most difficult to attempt.

Colours I used are:
Nails Inc - Chandos Place, Villiers Street, Duchess Street, Little Miss Naughty, Eden Grove, London Nights.

Opi - Did It On Em.

Urban Decay - Love Train.

Natural light

With flash


I'm pretty pleased with these for a 1st attempt though I do wish I was ambidextrous as it would make doing my right hand a lot easier.

Roll on tomorrow night =D

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