Friday, 13 April 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc London Nights, Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix & OPI Rainbow Connection

Hi! So continuing my previous theme and seeing as I'm off this weekend I went for some glossy glitziness.

Nails Inc London Nights, a glossy black. 2 coats of this gave me full coverage. Only disadvantage was the formula was quite gloppy and it tended to drag a little so let it dry between coats (not something I usually do).

Models Own Hedkandi Ibiza Mix, oh my! What can I say? I love this glitter! It's an unusual mix of boho and disco. Boho with the gold & copper glitters. Disco with the blue & purple glitters.
Def a new fave!!

OPI Rainbow Connection, 1 of the much sought after Muppet Collection polishes. Out of a collection of 12 it sold out fastest! It's literally got every colour of the rainbow in large and small pieces.

Both glitters look stunning against the glossy black. I'm in love!!

Natural light
With flash
With flash
Natural light

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