Sunday, 20 May 2012

NOTD: Paws for Thought

Tonight I'm showcasing another 2 polishes from the OPI Holland Collection.  

Wooden Show Like to Know & I Have a Herring Problem.

Application was fine I was just sleepy so it's a bit sloppy.

Natural light

With flash

Natural light

Natural light

I was happy with this manicure but then I had some inspiration to do little paw prints so I added them to the thumb and ring.

Artificial light

With flash

Ring up close

Thumb up close

Check out those pink & gold undertones in Wooden Shoe Like To Know =)

And here is the inspiration for the paw prints ♥

Rinty xo

Max xo


  1. Aww cute paw prints and dogs :)

    Those both look like good opaque polishes, I might need to check this collection out!

  2. OMG, I love the paw prints, must do this x

  3. The polishes were opaque in 1 coat but I always do 2 for good measure. 1 coat was all that was needed to do the paws also =) Rinty is my pup (well he's 16 years old lol) and Max (or Jabba the Mutt) is my aunts xo


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