Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pay Day Splurge

I've been working 6 day weeks for a while now so not only have I been earning extra money, I've not had time to go shipping like I normally do, so in times like this I turned to the Internet.

Here's a few bits I've bought in the past week.

These are repeat buys for me but they are MUST HAVES!  
Perversion is the ultimate black liner and it stays on ALL day!
they're Real is perfect for me of the blonde lashes it separates and coats my lashes perfectly, showing them in all their glory and I do often get asked if "they're real?"

How cute are these Hello Kitty flip flops!  
I was in Asda today collecting something, spotted them and HAD to have them.

Another Asda bargain
Some Toms inspired shoes in a pretty pink with horse pattern.

I must admit I love having small feet as both the "Toms" and the flip flops were from the kids section, lol.

Now the piece de resistance is this beautiful Kate Middleton inspired dress again from Asda.
I spotted this on their facebook page a few weeks ago and signed up by email to be notified when it became available, as soon as I got word I ordered it in a 12 and a 14 (I'm still between sizes in some places) and to my pleasure the 12 fitted perfectly.
Now all I need is somewhere to wear it lol.

What have you been buying recently?


  1. The dress is gorgeous! The only new thing I bought recently was EOS lipbalm :P

    1. You can never have enough lip balms though and I've just remembered I was supposed to get more Revlon lip butters as superdrug has them 3 for 2 xo


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