Friday, 15 June 2012

My "By The Bed" Nail Care

So as sleep eludes me I thought I'd quickly share my "by the bed" nail care.

Lemony flutter by Lush is a cuticle butter and an absolute must have! Smells like lemon sherbet a very heavy moisturising butter that is a saviour to all forms of dry skin. As with most Lush products they promote how multi-purposeful it is.

Gok Wan Hand cream smells quite floral/musky. I got this from Boots at Christmas along with the cuticle oil (and a clutch bag) but have never found it again. The cream isn't too heavy so I can use my iPhone etc... Just moments after applying without being left in a greasy mess. The cuticle oil smells the same and I do love a cuticle oil at night before bed.

As well as the lotions and potions I have my glass Nails Inc file, as well as emery board and buffer.  
Plus various cuticle sticks.

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