Saturday, 30 June 2012

Nail Mail (and a wee bit of eye candy)

Ah if I wasn't smiling enough today (my friend had a baby boy yesterday AND I got to see Dr Peter Venkman aka Bill Murray in work last night) my postie brought me some fabulous mail today =D

Currently sat watching John Carter, the movie may have got slated but I love it and Taylor Kitsch is very easy on the eye ☺

Some OPI goodies from my fave ebay seller =)
I love the matte nail envy as a base coat and though you can't see it in the bottle this OPI Nothin' Mouse About It has little heart shaped bits of glitter in it, so cute!

I decided to give MUA a try out and with prices between £1-£4 who can say no!  I needed a new blush (I've fell out of love with my Benefit Bella Bamba after they made the box smaller meaning at £23.50 it wasn't lasting me even half as long) so got 3 to try, also who could say no to £1 nails polish and lippie!

Have you got any exciting mail recently?


  1. I've just ordered the vintage minnie mouse mini set :) excited for them to arrive and i'm still yet to try out any MUA products xx

    1. I was going to get the mini's but you don't get this polish in them =(, this is my 1st time trying MUA so hopefully I'll do a post on that soon xo

  2. The little hearts are adorable :)

    1. I've tried it over my current mani (well 1 nail) it's so cute! xo


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