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Nail Mail

On Thursday Nails Inc shared an offer on their facebook page (if it hadn't been for my lovely friend Kate I'd have missed it due to an impromptu nap).

2 sets available for 1 day only at the price of £15.00 each!  

I bought the "All That Shimmers Set" with 5 full size glitter polishes.  The other set comprised of 8 mini's, it looked nice but I don't use mini's often.

This offer was well on par with the Lucky Dips offers Nails Inc regularly run =)

Bedford Square
Holly Place
Noel Street
Buckingham Street
Old Park Lane

I have been lusting after Holly Place and Noel Street since they were released at Christmas, it's only took me 6 months to get them (but that's my inner bargain hunter).
Bedford Square is a nice surprise as it has a holographic glitter through it which I hadn't realised.
Buckingham Street is such a vivid magenta.
Old Park Lane is my only dupe and will be going by into my "special box" for when I eventually have a giveaway.

Looking forward to swatching these to "watch this space."


  1. your special box sounds lovely ;) haha
    Great haul though! So annoying that they don't let the Irish in on the offer though :(

  2. The postage to Ireland is ridiculous!! I know it's more expensive generally but not that much more! xo

  3. Oooo fab haul Steph, can't wait to see the swatches x

    1. Nearly as nice as your haul yesterday. I was very jealous of that! Xo


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