Sunday, 3 June 2012

NOTD: My attempt at being Patriotic

By now I'm sure you all realise it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. This means that Queen Elizabeth has held the throne for 60 years, only the second monarch to do this, the first being Queen Victoria.

For most people this means, garden parties, street parties, an extra long bank holiday weekend...  Unfortunately not for me due to the nature of my work.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to get into the spirit of things as I quite like the Royal Family.

I did leave everything to the last minute so my Nails Inc Jubilee polish is still in the post and my nails are so short at the moment I had no hope of doing Union Jacks on them (though I did try and they looked awful),

I decided to keep it simple and just go with the red, white and blue, the colours of our nations flag, plus it meant I could use the fantastic polishes I won from buyapowa.

Red = Nails Inc Victoria & Albert (base) & OPI DS Bold
White (silver) = Nails Inc Kingly Street
Blue = Nails Inc Chandos Place (base) & OPI DS Magic

Please excuse the state of my nails and cuticles, I'm not really sure what's going on at the moment.

Artificial light

With flash

With flash

I decided to wear my Kate-a-like rings today as well (though I had bought them a few years ago before William & Kate got engaged, it's just a happy coincidence they are similar)

The blue nails go perfectly with my blue rings =)

Are you doing anything nice for the Jubilee?


  1. I love shimmery nail polish and those shades are beautiful (especially the blue!) I don't have any blue or white/silver polishes - I wish I'd been more prepared! x


    1. I have mostly light blues but was lucky to get this from buyapowa (and it was free as I had the most referrals)it's stunning. Whites are also something I don't own but I found the silver in a box set I had bought xo

  2. Wow the one's with the flash are amazing, and I love the rings!

    1. Thanks hun =) I'm thinking of adding a little sponging deatil to them xo


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