Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Summer Fun Challenge - Day 2: Summer Lovin'

Here it is Day 2 of the Neverland Nail Blog Summer Fun Challenge.

The theme - Summer Lovin'

Automatically I start singing when I read this, big Grease fan!

So I had to share the video here.

This theme was the perfect excuse to try out some pretty new sparkly bits I found in my local Poundland and also for a PINK overload!

So here's the full set (the thumb reminds me of staring at the stars with a loved one)

I used 2 different sets of heart spangles on my ring and index.
My middle is a cupid heart and pinky a heart done in dots (though maybe should have used a darker pink)
I used NYC Pinstripe White as a colour base on all the nails.

Thumb - OPI Metallic 4 Life & OPI I Lily Love You

Pinky - OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui & OPII Have A Herring Problem (sponged) wirh OPI Pink Friday dots
Ring - OPI Come to Poppy & Be A Dahlia Won't You (sponged) 

Middle - OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam & OPI Fly (sponged) with OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You Heart & No7 black nail art pen outline
Index - OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips & OPI Pink Friday (sponged)

Can't wait to see everyone else's designs =D


  1. Wow you've been busy, they are fabulous x

  2. I love the cupid heart x

  3. Fun look! I like how it all pulled together really nicely! I am envious of your free hand heart and out line.Your got a steady hand!!!

    1. Hearts are surprisingly easy its just getting the swipes of the brush right and I use a nail art pen with a nib, I find these a lot easier to use xo

  4. The 3D elements look so glamorous! I'm really digging the overall effect.

    1. Thanks I got the little spangles a few days before and was really wanting to try them xo


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