Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Up and Coming Magazine Freebies & Discount Codes

We all love a freebie, so after the goodies I got in this months magazines I had a look to see if there was anything interesting next month and here's what I found...

Glamour (£2.00) on sale July 5th.
Choice of 4 products from balance Me:
Balancing face moisturiser 20ml (rrp £11.00)
Wonder eye cream 7ml (rrp £11.00)
Pure skin face wash 50ml (rrp £11.00)
Rose Otto intensive lip salve 10ml (rrp £12.00)

I've personally never heard of this brand but at £2.00 per mag I think I'll be getting them all except for the eye cream as I already currently have 2 full tubs of Soap & Glory Supereyes Supereyes and I don't see me running out any time soon, lol.

Marie Claire (£3.70 I think) on sale July 5th
Choice of 3 Avon Mascaras - worth up to £10.00
Super extend extreme mascara (extra long)
Super curlacious mascara (built in curves)
Super shock max mascara (pumped up volume)
Not sure if I'll get these as I am a Benefit "They're Real" mascara fan, but I might pick 1 up for my mum.

As you've seen in previous posts July's issue of Marie Claire had the choice of 3 Ciaté nail polishes free and to make it even sweeter they have also given us a code for 25% off in June & July.  The code is MARIE25.

Apart from freebies I'm not very familiar with Ciaté polishes but I think I will have to peruse their website.

Do you fancy the look of any of these freebies?

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