Friday, 20 July 2012

Birthday Batman Nails

So today is my birthday AND Batman The Dark Knight Rises is released in the cinemas. So I'm heading to Belfast to the Odyssey VIP suite to watch it in style.

Being a bit of a geek I had to do nails to honour the release of this movie and it's been a while since I've attempted anything new.

As usual I know these aren't perfect but I like 'em!

Will any of you be going to see the movie?

p.s. I'm not missing a finger I've just had a bad break on my pinkie and it's not painted (and yes my pinter is broke too)

Colours - Nails Inc
 Carnaby street
Black taxi
Park Walk
Mansfield Mews

I am awful at writing left handed and Zap looks like Za~ lol

Colours - Nails Inc
Carnaby Street
Black Taxi
Reeves Mews
Mansfield mew


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have fun at the movies! :]

    I love how you did the old school Batman Pow! Zap! style. My favorite Batman is the old TV show one.

    1. Thank you hunni!

      It's 1 of my faves too, remember watching it when I was younger, hehe xo

  2. Those are awesome! I could never pull off anything like that, especially on both hands! I love them! <3

    Happy Birthday, and I hope you like the movie! :)

    1. Thanks =) the movie was amazing! Love my nails hehe xo

  3. first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i hope you have a wonderful time watching the movie!
    and i LOVEE your batman inspired nails! it reminds me of comic books! ouch! i hope your pinky heals soon ;(
    ahh yes, i do plan on watching it! but i'm waiting for a bit so the theater won't be too crowded. but i'm very excited to watch it. i heard so many good things about it!

    celebrate with us! join our 1 yr anniversary giveaway!

    alex @

    1. The movie was fabulous! I saw it in the VIP suite which has to be pre-booked and there are only 42 seats. Hope you enjoy it xo

  4. Happy late bday, such a cute idea!!! I need to get more festive like this! :)

    1. I love a bit of nail art and my cinema club all think I'm crazy the way I try to match my nails to certain movies lol xo


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