Tuesday, 31 July 2012

NOTD: Party at the Gap and The Worst Possible Thing

Ok so this is take 2 of this blog post, as the app on my phone decided to delete my original =/

Lately I've been showcasing the Face of Australia and Rainbow Honey Equestria polishes so I thought for the last few I will combine the posts.

So here we have Face of Australia - Party at the Gap, a charcoal grey that I think is going to be a favourite of mine in the winter.

Now for the topping, Rainbow Honey - The Worst possible Thing.

This polish is gorgeous, a clear jelly base with blue flakies, holographic glitters and slightly larger purple and blue glitters.  Over this charcoal grey it really does explode with sparkle!

I think this combo worked out pretty well.

What do you think? xo


  1. The more I look at your posts the more I think I *need* the Equestria collecetion! X

    1. You do need it! It's an amazing collection xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hunni =) I'm so glad I got the Equestria collection xo

  3. The Worst Possible Thing is my favorite of the collection! Looks great with Party at the Gap. :)


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