Monday, 2 July 2012

NOTD: w7 Salt n Pepper

So I've been lusting after the Nails Inc Sprinkles since they were released but the skin flint in me couldn't part with the money (unfortunately not in the pick n mix

That is until I stumbled across these beauties by w7 (thanks to some fellow nail lovers)

While not dupes, they're close enough for me.

This is Salt n Pepper - a white polish with black matte glitter through it.

3 coats gave me full coverage but I think I'll try it over a colour next time to see if it changes how it looks.

(Please excuse my broken nail)


  1. My Lava Flow arrived in the post today - think I may have to get this one and Mosaic too!

    1. I have them too. I'm already planning another order but need to wait on my stupid bank fixing itself xo

  2. Gorgeous Steph, really lovely x

    1. Thanks, they're really nice polishes (though a bitch to remove) xo


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