Friday, 13 July 2012

Oops... I think I spent a bit too much!

So....  I have no idea just how I managed to accumulate so much fantastic stuff this week!  Especially with my current bank situation (for those in the UK I'm with the Ulster Bank so that says it all, for everyone else my bank has had a major melt down and it's affected everyone's access to their money and balances for the past 3 weeks!)

To start with I have the Face of Australia - Barbados Collection and a lovely nail art pen.
These were an early birthday present from my best friend who lives in Australia (that's the ONLY advantage of her being there, access to different polish, lol)

Calypso Gold, Bright Lights Pink City, You Blue Me Away, Orange You Glad You Came, Another Daiquiri Please, Party At The Gap, I Like To Mauve It, Lets Go Scuba Diving.

Ignore the clutter in the background but this beautiful red unit is (1 of) my brand new Helmer which I got on Sunday, the answer to all my nail polish storage problems!  And to "christen" it I also bought all the polish you see on top, lol. 

Here's a close up of the polish, we have Sinful Colors, Essence & Color Club.

And a close up of this beauty with the labels all categorised.
Not sure if you can see but from top to bottom we have - Nails Inc, OPI, China Glaze, Random, Box Sets (Color Club, Urban Decay, OPI) & Nails Inc Box Sets.
Oh how I love to be organised!

Here are my 1st ever Essence Polishes!
The 2 little 1's on either end are (l-r) Where is the Party? and Choose Me!
The 2 Fruity polishes in the middle are (l-r) One Kiwi a Day and Mashed Berries.
The top and bottom 2 are Essence Colour 3 in Midnight Date (top) and Boys are Back in Town (bottom).

For love nor money could I get a good picture of the Color Club bargains I picked up in TK Maxx.
Foiled at the top. 
Alter Ego at the bottom.

Some more bargains in the form of 2 Sinful Colors polishes I found in "Discount NI" - a random wee shop I found that had a few nice polishes but these were the only 1s I didn't currently own.
(L-R) See You Soon and All Mighty.

And finally!  My current Holy Grail of Polishes!  The Rainbow Honey Equestria Collection!
I pre-ordered these (and paid for them then) back in June so was excited to get them!

These were too nice not to do a variety of shots.

My Nails Inc A Listers have also just arrived, I've wanted these for a while and contrary to what it says on the box, I nabbed these in the ASOS sale for £15 =)

Lets not forget good auld ebay, some recent nail art supplied I got.

London Collection Gift Set
Finally we have a non-polish related item and that is 
Steam Cream.  I've been using this now for just over a 
year as a night cream (or day cream if my face is sore/dry) but I've never paid full price and I wasn't about to start.  Normally £12.95 per tin I got this gorgeous twin set for £15.00 bargain!
And there you have it, how I'm not bankrupt is a mystery but now the task ahead of me is to try out all these beauties =)


  1. Replies
    1. I know lol! But it wasn't all bought at once. And some were gifts and preorders. Just a culmination of bits lol (though I nabbed another 3 sinful colors today, rude not too at £1 each) xo

  2. Awesome haul!!! I am jealous!!!

    1. My hauls are never normally like this lol. Xo

  3. Omg...all those Rainbow Honeys! I'm debating getting the set of minis. All of their polishes are so beautiful!

    1. I'm not normally this indulgent but as I'm a HUGE My Little Pony fan I had to have these, they are so pretty! xo


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