Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"these are a few of my favourite things" Day 7: Glitter!

Hi all! So day 7 of the challenge brings us glitter and I just recently happened upon a set of Nails Inc glitters in TK Maxx which gives me the perfect excuse to try them out.

I was initially going to use a solid base with glitter over it but decided my nails looked fairly healthy so I'd try out glitter tips on a nude nail.

I used:
Essence - Modern Romance as the base
Nails Inc - Park Lane (lilac)
Nails Inc - Fitzroy Square (aqua)

AND it's thanks to OPI Nail Envy that my nails look as good as this.


  1. Very pretty - I was thinking of doing a french too, but glitter is such a pain for clean up!!

    1. These weren't too bad to clean up surprisingly xo

  2. Great combinations of glitters used! I never really feel my nails are long enough for tips tho! :( X

    1. Mine aren't any more =( nubbins is an understatement xo


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