Saturday, 8 September 2012

Spam,Spam, Spam Part 2

Well I hope you enjoyed the last lot of spam so here's some more =)

Red Christmas nails using decals

Green & gold festive snowmen

Pretty blue snowflakes

Glitter french tips

Candy cane nails

French mani with a twist

Penguin Christmas Day nails

Children in Need nails

Pudsey & Blush

Halloween nails

Ooh... spooky


  1. I love spamtastic posts! And I'm just glad to see someone besides me already psyched for the coming holidays. I was just telling my roommate this morning that I can't wait to try a fun, blood drip mani for Halloween (and then I check my blog roll, and you've already got one!)

    1. These were from last halloween so hopefully I can try something new this year =) xo


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