Saturday, 13 October 2012

365 Days of Color: Sunny's Cuticle Oil - Pumpkin Patch

Hi all!

This is just a very quick review of Sunny's Cuticle Oil.  A few weeks ago when the Hocus Pocus Collection got released I decided to nab a sampler pack of the cuticle oil to try and with the change in the weather (I had to defrost my car this morning) I am really appreciating the nourishment this is giving my poor cuticles.

Not only is it nourishing but Pumpkin Patch is the most amazing smell!  It reminds me of a Yankee Candle that was out a few years ago of the same name (I think).  Whilst I've never experience pumpkin 1st hand the scent of the is gorgeous.  Not quite cinnamon with an underlying foody sweetness, if that makes any kind of sense.

It applies really well also as it is a little roller-ball   I'm not sure how much exactly is in the sample size but there is plenty as I've been using it all week in work and have used maybe 1/5 of the bottle so far and considering you get 3 in the sample pack this is definitely value for money.

I look forward to purchasing more of these in the future and once I have tried the others I will review them also.

Have you tried any of Sunny's cuticle products?


  1. Ooohh sounds like it smells like autumn!

    Jazz x

    1. It's exactly that! Yummy Autumn smells, I had this candle once and would really love if I could find it again xo


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