Wednesday, 31 October 2012

LOTD: Chanel - Venus

Hi all!

I do hope you're enjoying these lip posts.

Today I have another of my faves for you.  Chanel - Venus.  This lip gloss is the most indulgent piece of make-up I own but I nabbed it in the duty free in Dalaman last year.  I use it sparingly cuz even at duty free prices it cost me close to £20!

It is however totally worth it.

It goes on lovely and smooth, it's non-sticky.  The colour is nice and bright but not in your face and it has a subtle shimmer (that was hard to photograph).  Also as lip glosses go it is very long lasting and doesn't dry your lips out.  

I love this so much that I would be willing to pay full price when the day comes that this runs out.

What's your most indulgent make-up item?

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