Sunday, 7 October 2012

NOTD: Rainbow Honey Koi Pond

Hi all!

I'm so glad to FINALLY be sharing this with you.  My Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri arrived when I got home from my hols but unfortunately I wound up with nubbins that were way to short to show these off to their full glory.  Thanks to OPI Nail Envy they're not just as bad so I couldn't wait any longer.

I chose Koi Pond as I thought it would look fab against yesterdays China Glaze manicure and I was right.

Against Elephant Walk the black and blue glitters really stand out.  Against Jungle Queens the orange, silver and turquoise glitter are more dominant.

Koi Pond went on really well and this was only 1 coat (with 2 coats of Seche Vite to seal).

It does actually remind me of a Koi Pond, the blues and turquoises of the water, the flashes of silver, orange and black from the fish.  So pretty!

Can't wait to try the rest of this collection!


  1. Pretty Polish! Love me some glitter!

    Jazz x

    1. Think this may be my all time favourite glitter! xo

  2. Beautiful glitter, well jel Steph x


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