Thursday, 11 October 2012

Swatches: 365 Days of Color - Hocus Pocus Collection

Hi all!

I've got something very special for you today!  From 365 Days of Color I present the Hocus Pocus Collection.

Based on the movie of the same name from 1993 we have 

I Smell... Children - black jelly with purple glitter
I Put A Spell On You - green & black glitter
Boouk! - cream jelly with copper glitter
Come Little Children - red & black glitter
Black Flame Candle - black jelly with iridescent holographic shimmer

The below pictures are 3 coats of each, the formula was great and I decided to try them out with no underwear except for some Nail Envy but they'd all look great over other colours.

This was my first purchase from  365 Days of Color and I look forward to the next.

P.S.  I also picked up some of Sunny's Cuticle Oil samplers so review to follow.


  1. Gah I love that film so so much! I always have to watch it over halloween or its just not the same!

    Jazz x

    1. I love it too! Watched it a few nights ago xo

  2. I love the film too and the glitter looks great !

    1. They're fab! Can't wait to try them properly! xo


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