Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lazy 15 Challenge Day 12 and L is for ...

Hi all!

L is for Little Red Riding Hood and it's also day 12 of the Lazy 15 challenge and the topic is Fairytale.

I decided to do something from the Little Red Riding Hood Fairytale on each nail so we have:
The basket she is bringing to grandma's.
Her red riding hood.
The big bad wolf.
The axe used to rescue Little Red and grandma from the wolf.

I have used:
Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street (base)
Nails Inc - Hampstead Gardens (basket)
Nails Inc - Fitzmaurice Place (red riding hood)
OPI - The World Is Not Enough (wolf & axe)
Models Own - Nails Art Pens (details)

Currently I'm a big fan of Fairytale's and I'm in the process of re-watching Once Upon A Time which I just got on DVD.

Are you a fan of Fairytale's?


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