Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lazy 15 Challenge Day 9/K is for...

Hi all!

Another combined post =D

Lazy 15 Challenge - Day 9 - Disney Movie/Character: I've went with the Aristocats


For the Llama Nails ABC... Challenge

K is for... Kittens =D

Do you like what I did there?

Now my free hand here isn't great but I think they're pretty cute, lol.

So the little Ginger dude is Toulouse.
The white princess is Marie.
And the little black/grey guy is Berlioz.

For Toulouse I used a base of OPI - Rising Star.
For Marie I used a base of NYC - Pinstripe White.
For Berlioz I used a base of Orly - Faint of Heart.

The details of all 3 were done using the Models Own Nail Art Pens.

This is a Disney movie I have personally overlooked and really want to watch now...

Which Disney movies have you overlooked?


I'm trying.

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