Monday, 26 November 2012

NOTD: Barry M Limited Edition Pink Foil Exclusive to Boots

Hi all!

So for the Barry M fans out there you'll know that they announced that for Christmas they are bringing out 2 Limited Edition foils.  A pink one exclusive to Boots and a blue one exclusive to Superdrug.  They are also releasing a glitter which is a clear base with pink and blue hex's.

Now these aren't supposed to be available until the 28th November at the earliest according to their facebook page BUT I found the pink one last weekend without realising what it even was and I'm glad now that I picked it up as I can share it with you lovelies.

As with all Barry M's the brush is quite narrow (though I have no problems with this), I thought it might be a 1 coater, but no that was a wee bit patchy, the second coat rounded everything off nicely.
There's a really nice silver shimmer through this that makes it look really sparkly in the halogen lights (it's winter in Northern Ireland and I'm working so not a lot of sunlight).

As far as I know to get a hold of these polishes once released all you have to do is spend £6.00 on Barry M products and it will be yours for free, which no (kind of) explains to me why it showed as £0.00 on my Boots receipt as I had spent £14.00 on Models Own polishes, what a lucky break, huh!

I also added a coat of the recent freebie from the Glamour magazine on my ring and thumb, Nails Inc Glamour Glitter, though I don't think it stands out very well against this colour.

Hoping to get my hands on the blue foil and glitter soon, so watch this space...


  1. I. Love. Barry M. Foils. ahhhhhh!!!!!! Must get this one)))

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  3. These are really pretty colours thanks for sharing

  4. Looks good.. pretty pink to purplish look.. like it :)


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