Thursday, 22 November 2012

NOTD: Essie - Where's my Chauffeur and Models Own Jack Frost

Hi all!

I've got (what I think is) a really nice combo for you today.

2 coats of Essie - Where's my Chauffeur topped with 1 coat of Models Own Jack Frost.

Where's my Chauffeur is a deep mint green, smooth application and perfect in 2 coats.

Jack Frost is kind of a flakie, but with really small glitter like particles.  As a topcoat here it looks ice blue though I had a really hard time getting the camera to pick it up.

Are you a fan of flakie topcoats?


  1. This is just like the mani I did yesterday :)

  2. Lovely, nails are looking nice Steph x

    1. Thanks Wendy, think I've found my perfect length, currently nursing a break and trying to hold it together with tea-bag paper lol xo


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