Friday, 9 November 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc HN10

Hi all!

I've got something very special to share with you today =D

In honour of Harvey Nichols Edinburgh 10th anniversary, Nails Inc have collaborated with them to produce a special Limited Edition Crystal Cap called HN10.

Whilst I don't live in or near Edinburgh I was very lucky to have a facebook friend who was visiting and like me has a love for nail polish so she picked 1 up for me (and a number of other polish obsessed ladies).

I have no idea where to start when describing this colour it is stunning!
A rich chocolate brown micro-glitter with fusions of red, green, blue, silver, gold, pink, purple... I could go on.  It's just jam packed full of sparkle AND it's a 2 coater!

I could just stare at this colour all day long... What do you think?
(P.S. I really struggled to capture the sparkle of this)


  1. I was actually in there early last month, I never saw this :( I won't be going again for some time the train journey was hellish!

    1. I've never been to Edinburgh or Havey Nics I was very lucky this time! Xo

  2. Looks good. Limited editions are always great to have.

    I've been to Edinburgh several times as I live up here. Well worth a visit for sure.

  3. what's the formula like? It's kind of hard to tell from the photos, but it looks kind of rough?

    1. It was a 2 coater fine glitter, that went on really smooth and didn't feel gritty or rough at all. Think I used 2 coats of seche cuz I was 2 lazy to find my gelous lol xo


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