Sunday, 27 January 2013

31 Day Challenge - A Mani Inspired By You

Hi all!

It's Day 27 of the 31 Day Challenge - A Mani Inspired By You.

So anyone that knows me will know I'm quirky, and describing myself as quirky makes me think of 2 of my favourite fictional characters...

Penelope Garcia - Criminal Minds
(my absolute idol and fashion icon!)


Dr. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

The reason I've mentioned them is my mani is also kind of inspired by them.  First and foremost it's eclectic but secondly it's showing some of my fave nail art techniques and polish finishes.

Garcia is represented by my ring finger and quite possible my thumb too.  Pink leopard print, need I say more?  Also she's the kinda girl that loves a bit of glitter and glitz so blue sparklieness screams Penelope!

My middle finger is a representation of Sheldon, it's the galaxy which he is so often looking to for the answer to string theory or for some kind of black hole/worm hole (my pinkie?)

As for my pointer i just really wanted to try another of my colour changing polishes from 365 Days of Color.

Polishes used:
Nails Inc - Baker Street
Glitzology - 
365 Days of Color - Assort-Mint
Nails Inc - Serena
Nails Inc - England's Lane
Nails Inc - Electric Lane
Models Own - White Nail Art Pen
Models Own - Silver Nail Art Pen
China Glaze - Surfin' For Boys
OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips
Models Own - Black Nail Art Pen
China Glaze - Smoke and Ashes

Wow!  That's a lot of polishes.

Anyway I think this mani describes me to a T - Quirky =D


  1. They are two of my favourite characters too! I love the galaxy nail and who doesn't love pink leopard print!?


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