Tuesday, 8 January 2013

365 Days of Color: Whipped Hand Cream - Christmas Dreams

Hi all!

You may have seen that recently 365 Days of Color expanded their product line by adding whipped hand cream to their range.  They already to fabulous polishes and the most amazing cuticle treatments (oils and balms).

I immediately bought 4 and thought I'd give you my opinion on it.

Christmas Dreams is the first of the 4 I've bought that I've tried.  An apt name as it's sweet, spicy and exactly what I imagine Christmas to smell like.
The cream itself is very light and fluffy and reminds me of meringue as you can actually see where it's been whipped.

I tried a little bit of this and a little is all you need, it's got a good consistency that a little bit is more than enough for your hands and it absorbs nicely into the skin.
I also put a little more on at night (well a fair dollop) and this gives an oily effect BUT this is what I was wanting, just pop on some cotton gloves and na night.  Next morning your hands will feel super-pampered!

The other scents I got are Pumpkin Vanilla, Gummy Bears and Monkey Farts.  Looking forward to trying these out.

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