Friday, 1 March 2013

31 DC Week 1 - Red

Hi all!

Another challenge but this time not a daily one.  Rambles of a Polish Addict is hosting the 31 day challenge and we will be posting once a week on a Friday.

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Loft-y Ambitions
Konad - White
Cheeky Plate 1

I've decided to make the most of this challenge and practice my stamping throughout.

Looking forward to this challenge =)


  1. Super nice. I love the stamp!!! :) I can't wait to learn how to do the stamping.

    1. THank you, this is me learning to stamp, I'm making the most of this challenge =) xo

  2. I see a my little pony in the reflection of the stamp!

    I agree with you, I'm terrible at stamping (I've only ever tied once) and this is a wonderful opportunity to practice!

    You do a wonderful job at stamping though!

    1. Yep! That's my phone cover =) I'll post a pic on my fb page for you to see it hehe.
      Practice definitely makes perfect but each stamp is very different to use xo

    2. Ohmygoodness is your phone blingy!
      Mine has a few shimmers but yours is bling bling!
      Your nails match your phone in the pic btw.

    3. My friend got me it for Christmas from her little girl as they know Aunty Steph loves My Little Pony, hehe and the polish is Rainbow Honey Pinkie Promise. I had to show both off together xo


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