Friday, 1 March 2013

Being Organised

Hi all!

So this is a non-nail post but you know I like to throw them in every now and then.

Recently my lovely friend Amanda started her blog She's Eclectic and straight away I started lusting over her filofax and decided I MUST have one!

So after much googling and research I decided to go with A5 and after much searching I found this beauty on Paperchase.

I love this model as the front has wallet style card holders (which I'm storing any Indie Polish cards in) and a zipped compartment, for bits and bobs.

The back also has 2 storage pouches, one behind the other and the front pouch holds my Slimming World book (which I'm trying to dedicate myself to again) perfectly.

Next step was personalisation....

As you can see and for those that know me I'm My Little Pony mad!  This has recently been amplified by the gift of the most amazing Pinkie Pie phone cover by a friend at Christmas.

Here's my fab pen, that I already had, which fits perfectly into the holder.

Amanda also shared these fabulous dividers with me from Japan Corner on etsy.

So I got the basics covered in terms of tabs but I couldn't not get one dedicated to Nails ♥

Also, how cute is this little bookmark, I'd actually been thinking of getting one now I don't have to.

I'm basically using this to keep on top of blogging and challenges as well as my mum's appointments (and there's a lot of those).

I'm addicted now and keep looking for quirky bits to personalise it.


  1. Really lovely filofax, I love the dividers especially the 'address' one, but then I would!!

  2. Omg I LOVE seeing all these photos of your filofax! I am very jealous of your My Little Pony stickers too ;) I brought some new washi tape this week that would go perfectly with your binder, it's the same lovely colour.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog, I hope some lovely new people pop over to see me!


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