Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day - 365 Days of Color - Luck of the Irish &Leprechaun Farts

Happy St. Patrick's day to all you lovelies!

I've got a few fun mani's to share with you throughout the day (all scheduled as I plan on being hungover).

Here is 365 days of Color - Luck of the Irish

Topped with Leprechaun Farts and my attempt at some shamrocks.

A bottle shot of Leprechaun Farts.

Have you any plans for the day?


  1. When I thought of Leprechaun farts I laughed. What a name. I recall though I have seen it before on a previous blog I think it was a swatch. But still, funny name. It sounds better than beer farts doesn't it? More creative anyway.

    1. Its funny isn't it. And such a pretty glitter xo