Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Time Periods - Ancient Egypt

Hi all!

We're walking like Egyptians today down in Ancient Egypt.
Thing is when talking to a friend about this I had a different mani in my head but when I started doing it I completely forgot about my original plan, oops... Well since I'm writing this post in advance (I'm organised like that) you never know (and neither do I) this could be a double post for today's challenge.

Hieroglyphics seemed like an obvious choice as well as the colours.

Polishes Used:
OPI - Tomorrow Never Dies
OPI - DS Magic
OPI - Goldeneye
OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun

How amazing is the Tomorrow Never Dies/DS Magic combo!

And you know, despite lusting after The Man With The Golden Gun for ages, this is only the second time I used it!

Here are the hieroglyphics I used for inspiration and below you can check out what other era's I'll be attempting.


  1. wow fantastic love them! The blue and gold look fantastic together

    1. Thanks =) I forgot how nice this looked together! Xo

  2. Love the blue and gold together! I think that being such a rich vivid blue it really makes the gold pop. I really wish I had that gold flakie polish.

    1. I love it and it was well worth the investment. I removed the rest of the mani but kept the ring and thumb for a few days =) xo

  3. Amazing! Man with a Golden Gun looks stunning - how does it feel knowing you have real gold on your fingers?

    1. It's a bit surreal, I'm normally a 1 a day mani girl but I do try to make the most of this =) xo

  4. Another lovely Egyptian manicure! This is possible my favourite theme ever!


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