Monday, 15 April 2013

Disney Nail Art Challenge - The Little Mermaid

Hi all!

I was really looking forward to the Little Mermaid day on this challenge but talk about epic fail!
It took me 3 attempts to get a mani I was happy with.  I'll start with the one I was happiest with.

For my third design I went with a braided design featuring the colours of Arial's hair, tail and bikini top. With a little added sparkle.  My accent nails are Flounder and Sebastian.

My second design was an attempt at a chevron, again featuring Arial style colours.

My first attempts was Arial, Flounder and Sebastian accent nails but I am obviously not very good at painting peoples faces.

I can't deny that once again I was singing my own rendition of "Under the Sea/Part of Your World" whilst doing my nails.  The Little Mermaid is such an amazing movie with some fantastic songs!!


  1. I love this movie to suzi! I think the mani you settled on is so cute, you should be very pleased with it...faces are very hard to do, practise makes perfect and the good thing about doing these challenges is that we get to do things we would never usually try. Super well done to you I think you did great xxxxx

    1. Thanks =) I've never been great at faces but I'm fairly pleased with the end result xo

  2. love your fish braid. faces are very hard and what's good is you tried. I know before I wouldn't have even tried to do a challenge like this.

    1. This challenge is really pushing me to the limits xo


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