Saturday, 27 April 2013

NOTD: Revlon - Heavenly

Hello lovelies!

Lately we've seen a lot of the mainstream brands jump on the indie bandwagon and they've started to produce some amazing effect topcoats etc...

Heavenly is exactly this.  A flakie topcoat that it just perfection in a bottle.  From previous experience I know that these polishes generally look best over black and this didn't fail to impress!

Heavenly looks so good over Essence - Black is Back that I got asked twice in different shops "where did you get your nails done?"  the girls thought it must be some ingenious technique and couldn't believe it when I told them they could nip into Boots/Superdrug to pick up the polish that would achieve this look.

Can't wait to see this in the sunshine so I think it may have made the holiday shortlist!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh that's pretty :) I'm glad the mainstream brands are producing effects like this!! as much as I love indie polishes they're so hard to get hold of here (for a reasonable price at least).


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