Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Tri-Polish challenge - Week 6

Hello my lovelies!

I recently spotted this fab water spotting technique on the facebook page

Colours for April:

Polishes Used:
Pink - Woo 602
Turquoise - Woo 606
Orange - Woo 622

I had a few good nails and a few bad nails.

I think that the Turquoise - Woo 606 took better to the hairspray than the Pink - Woo 602, possibly due to it being a creme and the pink an shimmer/metallic.

Glad to have found a fun new technique.


  1. I've been wanting to try this technique!

    1. I'm def going to give it another whirl xo

  2. This technique needs to be tried with different products if your first attempt isn't what you like. Some people have done it with hair spray, body spray, etc. As long as there's alcohol in the mix, it works to a greater or lesser extent. I just put some rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle...though like any water technique, you've still got to practice it to get the effect you're looking for. ^_^

    I love your entry today! I was thinking about doing a spotted one myself for next week, though I was going to spot with black or white. This looks beautiful!


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