Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Time Periods - Ancient Mayan

Hi all!

This weeks theme is Ancient Mayan.
I had an image in my head when I though of this and it is similar to the below googled image but when I looked elsewhere for inspiration everything fell into place.

Polishes Used:
NYC - Pinstripe White
Models Own Nail Art Pens - Black/Blue/Pink/Gold

I'm quite pleased with how this freehand design turned out =)

Here is my initial inspiration.
Check out the other era's I'm going to attempt =)


  1. These are FANTASTIC! I especially like the one with the pink patterns.

  2. Beware the evil eye! These are very cool! How did you find working with the models own pens?

    1. Lol, I actually have an evil eye tattoo =D love the culture behind them xo


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