Sunday, 12 May 2013

NOTD: Daily Lacquer - Welcome to the Hellmouth (with stamping)

Hello lovelies!

Recently Maggy at Daily Lacquer released the Slayer Collection, based on one of my all time favourite tv shows (I have the complete box set) Buffy!!

As much as I want the whole collection, finances prevented this, though due to a mix-up and excellent customer service from Maggy I was fortunate enough to get Welcome to the Hellmouth as a surprise extra.

I would describe WTHM as a charcoal grey base full of blue and purple shimmer.  Its a gorgeous colour and I wore it on a lovely sunny day and couldn't stop admiring it.

As gorgeous as WTHM is I'm not used to wearing a polish solo (lol) I decided to add some stamping using Barry M Silver Foil and Cheeky Plate CH46.

Space Ships, Planets, Moons and Stars!!  I love this plate!!


  1. Oh my, I love, love this. Especially the stars and moons and the planets. Why didn't I buy Cheeky Plates or BM instead of going for every Konad ever? And WTHM is a stunner.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. I went for cheeky as they seemed cheaper and had good reviews, they're the only ones I've tried so far xo

  2. this is seriously soo pretty! lovely metallic colours


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