Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Time Periods - Roaring 20s

Hi all!

Today's time period is the Roaring 20's and I was a bit stumped with this until some friends suggested searching Art Deco as it originated in the 20's.

Polishes used:
OPI - Candlelight
OPI - Hi, Pumpkin
OPI - A-Rose from the Dead
Models Own Nail Art Pen - Black

When I was looking at it initially I thought it was defined enough so decided to outline 2 nails, which I immediately regretted, but at least I know for the future.

Here's my inspiration.

We're time jumping to the 50s next week =)


  1. I loooove this color scheme. I'm totally going to have to steal that. :D

  2. Ohh to bad I didn't see this sooner! I would have loved to do this challenge.

    1. You can still join in as weekly posts aren't "mandatory" here is the facebook group hosting the challenge xo