Saturday, 8 June 2013

NOTD: Delush Polish - The Matriarch & Lady Sybiling

Hello lovelies!

Today I've got 2 beauties from the Downton Abbey Collection over at Delush Polish.

The lovely Adrianna based her first collection on the UK tv show which I admit I've never watched.  Here's what she had to say about them...

The Matriarch - Introducing "The Matriarch" (Inspired by Lady Violet Crawley) 
The Countess of Grantham is known for her dry sense of humour, quick wit and her ability to make each of her screen appearances memorable"  The deep purple base is inspired by her name of course with sparks of red, violet and black shapes reminiscent of the sparks her remarks often make!

2 coats of the Matriarch and it was perfect!

Lady Sybiling - Introducing Lady Sybiling (Inspired by Lady Sybil Crawley)
Sybil is the youngest Crawley sibling (see what I did there ;) she is passionate and strong willed who early on displayed her desire to break free from the social restrictions her status had bestowed on her, so much so that she eventually fell in love with an Irishman and moved to Ireland!  Inspired by the Shamrock, the symbol for Ireland, this gorgeous emerald green base with sparks of multifaceted gold shapes represent her spark.  If you look closely, tiny black flecks swim amongst the teal diamonds, this represents her unfortunate and untimely demise ;( She is a character I certainly miss!

2 coats of Lady Sybiling is all that was required.

2 real stunners!!


  1. Both polishes are stunning but I really love the purple! :)


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