Friday, 14 June 2013

NOTD: Dollish Polish - Starlite & Murky Dismal

Hello lovelies!

Oh me, oh my!  When I saw DP was releasing Rainbow Brite themed polishes I knew I must have them!  Rainbow Brite was such a HUGE part of my childhood, along with the likes of My Little Pony, Care Bears etc...  I remember having my room decorated head to toe with Rainbow Brite stuff... wallpaper, curtains, bedspread, lamp shade etc... and I still have my doll somewhere (been begging dad to clear our attic so I can get all reminiscent with my old toys =D


Starlite was Rainbow's faithful companion, not quite a pegasus as he had no wings but he could fly nonetheless thanks to Rainbow's magic.  And that's who this beautiful polish is made for.

A milky white base that was easily layered to gain opacity with red, orange, yellow, green and blue glitters.  Stunning!!

Murky Dismal was a bad guy along with his henchman Lurky (who I actually thought was quite sweet), he preferred doom and gloom to the fun and sunshine that Rainbow and the Colour Kids (and the Sprite's can't forget those little guys) brought to the world.  He was always trying to rid the world of colour but thankfully he never succeeded.

A milky mint coloured base with black and white glitter suspended in it.  Again easily built up to perfect opacity.

Both these polishes have a lovely crelly like formula and I feel they represent both characters perfectly!!
Can't wait to see what other beauties Dollish introduces to this collection xo


  1. I LOVED Rainbow Bright when I was little! My sister got all the Strawberry Shortcake stuff and mine was all Rainbow Bright! I really like Starlite! Fab swatches! :)

    1. Thank you so much. I'm actually thinking of doing an 80s theme throughout next month with it being my birthday so watch this space xo


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