Monday, 8 July 2013

80's Cartoons - Gummi Bears

Hello lovelies!

"Gummi bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere, there's no hero that's beyond compare, they are the gummi bears!!"

Yes that's right it's those bouncy loveable balls of fluff the Gummi's! Zummi, Tummi, Grammi, Sunni and Cubbi and they live in Gummi-Glen harvesting gummi-berries to make the magical gummi-juice.  They have some huma friends, Cavin the Squire and Princess Calla and they try to avoid the ogres and other humans that are out to capture them.

Polishes Used:
Nails Inc - England's Lane
Sinful Colors - Unicorn
Orlena - 167
Nails Inc - Ganton Street
Color Club - Blushing Rose
Models Own/Barry M Nail Art Pens - Various Colours

I think it's pretty self-explanatory who each character is supposed to be.  This is the first time I've enjoyed using the Barry M Nail Art Pens.

I can here Amazon calling!  I need DVD's!!


  1. Oh my! I haven't thought about this cartoon in forever! Love your interpretation! :)


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