Monday, 1 July 2013

80s Cartoons - The Care Bears

Hello lovelies!

Well as I announced on my facebook page, it's 80s cartoon month!  Basically my birthday is July 20th and as I'm an 80s child I didn't need much more reasoning to start this theme.  I've chose 10 cartoons (though that could well increase) and I plan (for now) to post on a Monday and Wednesday.

First up we have The Care Bears!

The care bears are a bunch of loavable fuzzballs that live in the cloud filled land of care-a-lot whilst their cousins (I will do a separate post on these guys) live in the Forest of Feelings.

I got my first care bear (Bedtime Bear) when I was just 6 months old for my 1st Christmas and I still have the little guy.  My collection has expanded and now includes many cuddly toys, clothes, dvds etc....

Of all the movies my favourite is the Care Bears in Wonderland however I have a major soft spot for The Care Bears Movie. If you have time follow the links, the full movies are there!

On to my mani =D
I decided to do faces on 1 hand and tummy symbols on the other.

Polishes used:
Lime Crime - Milky Ways
Lime Crime - Once In A Blue Mousse
Lime Crime - Crema De Limón
Lime Crime - Parfait Day
Lime Crime - Pastelchio
Lime Crime - Peaches (love) cream
Models Own Nail Art Pens - Various Colours

If you're not sure from thumb to pinky we have:
Bedtime Bear
Funshine Bear
Love-a-Lot Bear
Good Luck Bear
Friend Bear

Do you have a favourite??


  1. The Care Bears are the best :D Funshine was my favourite, I still have my original 80's figures of her and love-a-lot and my daughter plays with them now!

    1. I've more than likely got other toys but our attic is like the Land that Time Forgot! It will take months to sort it! lol xo

  2. I loved the care bears. I used to watch them all the time. I always wanted a Grammy bear. There was another cartoon similar to the Care Bears that I loved called the Snorks and then there was the Smurfs. The Snorks lived underwater. All the same concept, a village of do gooders and some evil villain is always trying to carry out a dastardly evil plan. 19 days until your birthday! My birthday is next month, but I gave them up long ago. Once you hit the big Two One, they don't matter as much as more.

    1. I remember the Snorks they didn't quite make the final cut as I'd a list a mile long to choose from and I also watched the Smurfs. I still enjoy birthdays and I'll be 29 this year, so far plans include a day at the zoo with my friend and her little one, a weekend away with shopping and eating and possibly a night out with the girlies from work. I'm past parties but I think birthdays are what you make them xo

  3. Love the Carebears!! Your mani is so cute and fluffy :)

    1. Thanks =) I still love them, biggest child ever! xo

  4. Ahhh adorable! I'm a child of the 90s so I never saw the original programme but I still had a few when I was younger. Looking forward to seeing all the other cartoons!

    1. Hope you're enjoying the rest of my posts =)

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