Monday, 22 July 2013

80s Cartoons - My Little Pony

Hello lovelies!

Better late than never right?

For those of you that follow me on the other social media sites you'll know that I'm a huge pony fan!  I even have a pony themed tattoo.

Over the years My Little Pony has morphed a number of times,as they are still popular today I'll not bore you with the details but I've always been a huge fan and still have my original ponies (including a flutter-pony though unfortunately her wings are broken).

Personal favourite ponies include, Lickety Split, Wind Whistler, Melody, Firefly and Gusty.

This mani however is based on the new Friendship is Magic series.  I gotta say I'm loving it, I've watched a few episodes and I do really enjoy it, I also have a lot of merchandise from figures, to lunch boxes, stickers and build-a-bear toys.

Polishes used: 
Lime Crime - Peaches & Cream
Lime Crime - Crema de Limón
Lime Crime - Lavendairy
Lime Crime - Parfair Day
Lime Crime - Once in a Blue Mousse
Plus a selection of nail art pens

You have to admit the Lime Crime polishes were perfect for this mani.

I gotta say that no matter what age I am, I know that I'm always going to love My Little Pony!!

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  1. Oh I adoooooooore these. I have to hunt out my beloved Butterscotch and Blue Belle when I go home and give them some mad love. You have some really rare ones, I think? I've never seen anything like those ponies before! They changed the shape, I guess. Once I hunt out my ponies (which used to be with me every waking hour because I hated Barbie) I'll do a mani as well :)
    P.S. Lovely wallpaper. Don't change a thing xx
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