Monday, 15 July 2013

NOTD: Lynb Designs - You Are The Brute Squad

Hello lovelies!

Another fabulous Princess Bride themed polish today from LynB Designs.

You are the Brute Squad (what Miracle Max says to Fezzik when they're talking of storming the castle) is a beautiful tan brown (it reminds me of Fezzik's skin) with a holographic glitter/shimmer throughout.

2 coats achieved a smooth and full opacity.
And here's an out of focus shot to show that sparkle.

This colour is quite autumnal but I absolutely love it!!


  1. Until recently I'd never even heard of the Princess Bride! Should I watch it? I love the colour of this polish :)

    1. You MUST watch it! You shall love it! It's one of my favourite movies AND Gideon is in it!!!! Please watch it and report back =D xo

    2. Gideon is in it!? Wow I must then :) I'll let you know!


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