Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Time Periods - Futuristic

Hello lovelies!

Well it's the last day of the Time Period Challenge over at Llama Nails and we're looking towards the future. 

I know this isn't "nail art" but I thought the name was apt. Cuz I'm sure some time in the future robots will feature quite dominantly and heck it cud go all B movie on us that they take over so why shouldn't they too fall on love??

Whilst Glitzogy no longer seems to be an active store I do still love some of her creations including this silver and holographic beauty which speaks for itself. 

I didn't bother with undies and this was only 2 coats. A buildable glitter =)

Good luck to those participating in the next challenge! I'm trying to pull back a wee bit but you might see the odd challenge post from me. 


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