Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Avon - Polish Fail

Hello lovelies!

I recently bought some Avon Nailwear Pro+ Polishes. And I gotta say disappointment is an understatement! 

I got:
Fiery Sky
Cosmic Trip
Starry Night
Celestial Blue

Pros - I can't think of any...

Cons - 
The formula was like water. 
5-6 coats it was still sheer. 
The glitter didn't transfer to the nail well. 
It was just a runny mess. 

Here's some pics I took anyway...

Not the best swatches but there's only so many coats of polish you can paint before giving it up for a bad job. 

Have you tried these? Or have you had a polish be as big a fail?


  1. haven't tried any Avon polishes, not since I was a child! So disappointing :( and they are not cheap either are they?!

  2. That sucks, I have recently tried a bunch of Avon polishes and they were great. I just ordered the Brushed Metal collection... http://shop.avon.com/product.aspx?pf_id=48687

  3. That's not good. Just bought these myself, not had a chance to try them out yet!

  4. I've seen some posts that say they are much better when worn over a black base. The flakies then show up better and you don't need too many coats. Perhaps try that?

  5. This is a bit of a disappointment, I;d heard good things about AVON polishes :-)

  6. These are definitely meant for layering...

  7. I've returned them, I reckon even with layering they'd be really underwhelming, unfortunately in the UK we don't have as good an Avon polish selection as the USA xo

  8. Aww man that sucks! I've had really good experience with Avon Polishes. They look really wattery in the bottle in your pictures. Maybe it's just the finish of those polishes because the creams from them are excellent.
    Sorry to see you've had such a terrible experience!

  9. Such a shame cos they look like such good toppers, sometimes it's just not meant to be. Well done for an honest review!

  10. your right about it, and I am also very unhappy about it :-( I have all four of them as well. I'm into nail art and I am not gonna say all avon polishes are bad cos I'm really very happy of all the other polishes I have of them. It's just this four bottles and that opal glitter one, I'm really not happy about it :-( all I now can do with that four polishes is use it for a top coat.


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