Thursday, 31 October 2013

Barry M - Duchess

Hey y'all!

I decided it was time to finally try out the remainder of my new Barry M texture polishes.

Duchess is a dusky pink, it's not a bad colour but for me it's a bit washed out, it'd be lovely if it was a bit richer.

The formula was good, it went on smooth and was opaque in 2 coats.

This colour just wasn't for me, like I say I think they need to up their game a wee bit and produce richer shades.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 117

Hey Y'all!

This is the last of the Jolly Jewels I have to show you.

This is the one I disliked.  The formula was thick, it was awkward to apply (I made a mess) and to be honest it was a dupe for Barry M - Gold Mine and Accessorize - Fire Fly.

I don't have much to tell you about it other than the above.
Suppose they can't all be winners.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 116

Hey Y'all!

Well this is my second to last Jolly Jewel.

This red one reminds me of Accessorize Ladybird but a wee bit nicer, as it not only has the black glitters but nice chunky gold glitters too.

I think this red Jolly Jewel was my favourite, the red was such a lush colour and the gold really set off the black and red.

Again it had a nice formula, smooth application and 2 coats was plenty.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 113

Hey Y'all!

I've got another Jolly Jewel for you today.  This one is pink with gold and red glitters.

Again it was good in 2 coats and was easy enough to remove despite being like the Nails Inc Sprinkles.

The pinks not bad but not quite right for my skin tone.

Sponsored Giveaway: Pedi-Sox

Hey y'all!

I was approached a while back by the lovely admin team of Pedi-Sox. 

I had seen these before but only on other blogs. So when they asked if I'd like to review some and host a giveaway I jumped at the chance. 

But first a wee bit of info on them.

Pedi-Sox are a unique one-of-a-kind toeless pedicure sock.  They are an additional step in the pedicure process adding value to the professional or home service while providing solutions to everyday pedicure dilemmas - i.e. dry skin,  cold feet, hygiene.

Just slip-on Pedi-Sox at the end of the pedicure process, right before the toenails are painted.  Clients can either walk out the door in the sox alone or slip into sandals.  It's that easy!

What are the benefits of using Pedi-Sox?
Promote Wintertime Pedicures... pedicure is cyclical, encourages year-round services.
Feet Stay Comfy... those tile floors can be so cold in the winter.
Sox Aide Moisturiser Absorption... for softer smoother feet.
Feet Stay Clean... as freshly pedicures feet are magnets to dust and small hair clippings.
Callus Elimination... Pedi-Sox help soften and fade calluses.
Repair Heels... Pedi-Sox are essential to repair dry cracked skin & heels.
Lock in Benefits... of healing serums, creams and treatments.
Toenails Dry Flawless... you can walk out the door in Pedi-Sox.
Protect from UV... using gels?  Pedi-Sox shield sensitive skin.
Luxuriate... sox extend the pleasure of the pedicure experience!
Simply... skin will look and feel healthier!

Now I did try these out for myself. But I didn't take many pictures cuz I know how a lot of people don't like feet so here's the ** WARNING - PICTURES OF FEET BELOW **

I decided to try my Pedi-Sox when I came out of the shower. So I went through my "good" feet routine (basically good means I'm actually taking the time and paying some attention to them). 
So fresh out of the shower I grabbed  my Micro Pedi and gave my heels a quick buff (please note I'm lucky to have fairly low maintenance feet). Popped on the foot cream of my choice, tonight it was Soap & Glory - Heel Genius and I topped off with my Pedi-Sox. 
Now I admit I had no intention of painting my toe nails which is the main advantage of these fab socks, but for me it meant the ability to wear my flip flops round the house but without the risk of breaking my neck (I usually do the above steps minus the Pedi-Sox and foot cream and flip flops are not a good safe combo). 
And I've got to say they are genius!
Firstly there was so slip slopping about like there usually is. Secondly it gave the foot cream time to do its magic. And thirdly as my toes weren't covered I was able to wear them in bed (don't ask it's a "thing" of mine). 

So overall I've got to give Pedi-Sox a 5***** review. 

In brief a pair of good quality socks that keep your feet warm, allow you to paint those little piggies and help any lotions or potions get to work. 

Now into the giveaway!!

I've got ... Pairs of these to giveaway so just check out the rafflecopter widget below and GOOD LUCK!!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels 122

Hey y'all!

I've got some nice exotic polishes today.  I bought these Golden Rose polishes whilst holidaying in Marmaris Turkey.  I trailed in and out of every supermarket and pharmacy (there aren't really any makeup stores)  searching for these and only managed to find these 4, but it's better than nothing.

I'm going to start with a small complaint I have about all Golden Rose polishes, name them for goodness sake, I hate polishes that just have numbers.

Anyway on to the polish itself....
122 is a silver and gold mix, it's got a similar formula to textured polishes.  This went on well in 2 coats.

I really like this colour, it's not a colour I'd usually go for but this isn't as brassy as some can be.
It's similar to the sprinkles polishes from Nails Inc rather than the milky/glitter Indie polishes, but it thankfully wasn't as difficult to remove.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nail Lacquer UK - Pinkie Pie

Hey Y'all!

Just to declare it straight off, I am in love with this polish, but then, those that know me will know that I'm OBSESSED with all things My Little Pony!

This is my first ever Nail Lacquer UK polish and I've got to say I'm very impressed.

I've used a number of milky based polishes before but Pinkie Pie surpasses them all!!

No need for undies with this beauty, completely opaque in two coats!  Though I added a third, cuz that's how I roll, lol.

The pink micro glitter spread perfectly and I didn't have to fish for the fabulous black hearts.

Pinkie Pie herself would love this polish, it's a definite winner!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Dollish Polish - Dark Passenger ft. Jack Skellington

Hey Y'all!

This mani started out as a bit of an experiment after a friend made a comment about a white holo.  I popped on 2 coats of Sinful Colors - Snow Me White and topped it with 2 coats of Above the Curve - Every Day is a Holo-day!
Even with the holo the white looked a bit stark to me so I decided to add the Pumpkin King's handsome face.

Now this is where Dark Passenger comes in, I thought it was the perfect Halloween colour to compliment such a suave fellow.

Dark Passenger is an dark purple with a lovely blue shimmer flowing through it.

This combo is perfect for Halloween!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bondi - Laby Liberty & Treasures by Tan - Candy Jar

Hey y'all!

I love today's mani!

Bondi - Lady Liberty, a duck egg blue, perfect in 2 coats.

Treasures by Tan - Candy Jar, a super cute glitter topper.  Pink, yellow and blue, it reminds me of Millions (who remembers them?)

I think these paired together well as they're a very good contrast.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Above the Curve - Risen Angel 2.0

Hey y'all!

So this is my first polish from Above the Curve.  

Risen Angel 2.0 is a holographic purple.  

I got this coverage in 3 thin coats.

I don't really think I need words, I reckon this polish and it's beauty speak for itself.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pink Skulls Ft. Bondi - Fuschia-istic

Hey y'all!

Another mani supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and  having some halloween fun.

The pink base is a fabulous polish from Bondi - Fuschia-istic.  I love the formula on Bondi polishes, they just go on so smooth, some are perfect in one coat, others in two.

I added an accent of H&M - Silver, I don't quite understand the name seeing as it's full of blues and pinks.

I drew a little skull face on my middle finger adding little hearts for eyes.
I think he's rather cute!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Pink Cobweb Nails ft. Delush Polish - Tonight's the Night

Hey y'all!

I've not done any sort of nail art in ages and as it's October and nearly halloween I thought that had to change.  I also want to do a few pink mani's throughout October seeing as pink is the colour to show your support in the battle against breast cancer.

I had recently gotten Sally Hansen - Pretty in Hot Pink (in poundland) and thought it was such a fun, bright pink.  What's even better is that it's got a lot better formula than some of the neon pinks I have (China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy and Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate!) previously tried which usually apply streaky and require a coat of white undies first.. Not this, 2 coats and it was perfectly even.

On my ring and thumb accents I used the fabulous Delush Polish - Tonight's the Night from Adrianna's latest "Slice of Life" Collection.  A black crelly full of blue glitters and squares, yellow hexes, pink squares and circles.  The circles also have the prettiest hologram effect!

To get into the spirit of halloween I added some webbing (despite my huge fear of spiders) to my middle finger.

This was a fun eclectic mani and I enjoyed dipping my toe into the nail art pool again xo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ciaté - Love Letter & Ditch the Heels

Hey y'all!

A simplistic mani today. I just really wanted to see what happened when I paired these 2 fab polishes.

Love Letters - a dense glitter with flakie style glitters that are a lovely pink and gold duochrome.  This is 3 coats.

Ditch the Heels - an intense green creme, that's it.  No bells and whistles just a good auld stunning creme!

Do you like mixing finishes? 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Delush Polish - Two Bees In A Pod

Hey y'all!

Here's another fabulous glitter topper from Adrianna at Delush Polish. 

Two Bees in a Pod is a clear base with yellow and black micro-glitters, squares and hexes. There's also black bars and holographic hexes. 

Wanting this glitter to really "pop" I decided to go with skittles. I used a variety of Golden Rose, Flormar and Ciaté (see below). 

Two Bees In A Pod is so cute!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

ILNP - Birefringence

Hello lovelies!

Well today I've got a first, my first ILNP!

When I saw the Ultra Chromes I had to have them and I've got to say brilliant polishes, brilliant customer service!

Birefringence is a predominantly blue and purple ultra chrome, though there are flashes of green.  And check out that shimmer!!

Just because I felt like it I added 365 Days of Color - The Yellow Umbrella to two accent nails.  This was Sunny's colour of the month and also an extension to her "How I Met Your Mother Collection". Yellow and black micro-glitters, glitters and dots, it's so purdy!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Barry M - Princess and Lady

Hey y'all!

So Barry M finally made up (for what in my opinion) where a disappointing first batch of textured polishes. 

Princess is a soft baby pink full of gold shimmer and sparkle. 

Lady is a pearly white with gold and silver glitter. 

Both have a sand like texture and are fairly dense. The polish builds up well so 2-3 coats without undies is perfect.
Such pretty colours, though not sure if it's a bad nail day or of the shades didn't suit me?

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