Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Nail Lacquer UK - Pinkoween

Hello lovelies! 

I'm finally getting through my untrieds. And I've a fair few Nail Lacquer UK's. 

Pinkoween is a light milky pink. There are blue and pink microglitters, pink star glitters and pink skull glitters. My first skulls!!

This is 2 coats but I'm wearing it over pink false nails so whilst the colour is true I'm not sure how many coats it would require over a naked nail. 

The formula is lovely, it applies well and is nice and smooth. 

Looking forward to the Nail Lacquer UK shop going live again!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Allure - False Nails

Hi lovies!

Bit of a different post from me today. False nails. I'm sure you've seen my stumps. I've been stress biting recently. They've been really bad, I even managed to get an infection in my pinkie. 

Pinkie aside I thought I'd try some false nails. I usually struggle with false nails as I've really small nail beds. These however were perfect!

I got them in Poundland and they come in a pack of 36! Basically 3 sets of nails for £1!  They also came in 3 colours, pink, lemon and mint. 

You get 12 nails in each colour, I used the smallest to the second largest. No filing down required I just gave them a wee file where you could see where they'd been attached. 

I'll report back as to how long they last. But so far I'm loving the shape, length, colour and of course price! 

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Nail Polish Bargains - Part 2

Hello lovelies!

More polish bargains for you including Poundland and Superdrug. 

Sally Hansen - Sea and Be Seen (Poundland)

Sally Hansen - Peach Beach (Poundland)

Sally Hansen - Magnetic Pink Force (Poundland)

Maybelline - Vintage Leather - Mudslide Tote (Superdrug 2 for £5)

Maybelline - Vintage Leather - Turquoise Temptation (Superdrug 2 for £5)

I generally like the formula of Sally Handen. Not so sure on the colour of Sea and Be Seen but that's personal preference. I'm praying Peach Beach doesn't stain my nails the way Kiwi Bikini did when I used it a while ago. I'm not a lover of magnetics but I do love the colour of this one, I think it kinda worked but like I say I was more interested in the colour. They Maybelline Vintage Leather polishes I do not like at all. There's no texture, they look more or less the same colour and they're just blah!

Just goes to show you not all bargains are good. 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Nail Polish Bargains - Part 1

Hello lovelies!

I'm a sucker for a bargain and that includes nail polish. My local Poundland (being one of the only decent shops in my town) always has pretty decent brands or random surprise finds. 

Hello Kitty - Heather Lasting Love (B&M)
Pretty - Pink Heart Glitter (Poundland)

Hello Kitty - Tulip Too Late (B&M)
Pretty - Holo Heart Glitter (Poundland)

Hello Kitty - Love Love Me Blue (B&M)
Pretty - Red Heart Glitter (Poundland)

Revlon - Aquamarine

Revlon - Cobalt

The Hello Kitty Polishes cost me £1.49 and have a nice formula and finish to them. The Revlon polishes were a total bargain considering they cost like £5.99 elsewhere, they too have nice formula and finish. The pretty polishes have too much base, I really need to pour some of it out. Wouldn't buy Pretty polishes again but I do like the others. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Sparkle

Hey lovelies!

Hope you've had a nice Christmas.  I'm still nursing my nails but here's another glittery skittles.

Tara's Talons - Bauble
Delush Polish - Tis The Season To Sparkle

365 Days of Color - Code of Elves

Tara's Talons - Cupid
365 Days of Color - Four Main Food Groups

Santa!  OH MY GOD!

Tara's Talons - Prancer

I'm doing my best to help my nails but unfortunately the weather and stress just got the better of me.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Dollish Polish - Jelly of the Month Club

Hello lovelies!

Another of Dolly's Christmas specials. Jelly of the Month Club. 

I reckon this is more of a crelly, there's a slight milkiness to it. A grapey purple with purple and orange glitters. 

I layered this up to help make the color pop. 

Wish we'd more grape flavoured things here!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Sparkly Christmas Stumps

Hello lovelies!

State of my nails - don't ask!  Anyway here's some sparkly skittles.

Tara's Talons - Mistletoe
Dollish Polish - You'll Shoot Yer Eye Out, Kid

Dollish Polish - Jolliest Bunch of A**holes This Side of the Nuthouse

Tara's Talons - Tinsel
Dollish Polish - Merry Christmas.. Sh*tters Full!

Dollish Polish - SQUIRREL!!

Tara's Talons - Santa's Helper

I Love NP! - Cygnus Loop

Hello lovelies!

You know, as much as I love nail art  and decals etc... Sometimes it's nice to wear just one colour. 

Well that's how I'm feeling today so I went for I ❤️ NP - Cygnus Loop. 

This is a stunning duo chrome that flickers between blue and purple. 

Isn't it such a majestic colour!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Santa and Friends

Hello lovelies!

Yes the theme is Santa and Friends, but I decided to focus on the main man himself.

I love all things Santa Claus.  The Santa Clause Movies with Tim Allen are some of my fave.  And my dad looks like Santa, hehe.

Polishes used:
Delush Polish: Sleighed By Santa
365 Days of Color: Xmas Xplosion

Sleighed by Santa is so pretty, it looks darker in the bottle but it's such an elegant red.

I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit with this challenge.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Glam Polish - Fairy Princess Gru!

Hello lovelies!

These are the nails I wore to Zoomas!  (I got to feed giraffes, wrap gifts and hide them for the chimpanzees, decorate a tree for the elephants and get my face painted).

Essie - No More Film is a deep purple that was a lovely one coater, I got this in a lucky bag from the Crumpet.

I've topped this with Glam Polish - Fairy Princess Gru!  A shimmery sparkly base with pink, white and yellow glitters, like the outfit Gruzilla wore to help little Agnes celebrate her birthday.

This combo got complimented lots when I was at the zoo.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dollish Polish - 25,000 Imported Italian Twinkle Lights andGriswaldFamily Christmas Tree

Hello lovelies!

I've finally gotten round to trying the fabulous Dollish Polish Christmas collection. Based on the National Lampoon movie Christmas Vacation. 

First I tried 25,000 Imported Italian Twinkle Lights a white crelly full of twinkling glitters of many sizes. They're silver and gold so they really do look like Christmas Tree lights. There also star shaped glitters and dots, both of which make me happy. 

I wore this over Sinful Colors - Snow Me White. I'm going to try it alone though next time. 

I wore Griswald Family Christmas Tree as an accent nail and it's such a pretty jelly. A green glitter jelly to be precise. 

I decided I'd like to wear this mani matte so I whipped out my brand new matte topcoat from OPI. Got to say, I like it! So far I think the Born Pretty and OPI are my favourite matte topcoats. 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Hobbit

Hello lovelies! 

Well it's finally here (a week late) it's Hobbit day!

Oh me oh my I'm so excited! I finally got to see the Hobbit last night!! I even wore my Door of Durin for the occasion, this wonderful piece of jewellery is available from Curiology!

Image of The Door of Durin. Lord of the Rings locket necklace.

Image of The Door of Durin. Lord of the Rings locket necklace.

On to the nails. 

I'm not going to pretend I'm an artist or ought like that but here's my attempt...
So here we have Gandalf, , Bilbo Baggins and Legolas. I didn't want to do the ring as I didn't think I'd do it justice so I've represented the gold under the mountain that the dwarves long to get back. 

Polishes used:
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Ciaté - Cream Soda
Nails Inc - Elizabeth Street
OPI - Hi, Pumpkin!
OPI - Candlelight
Nails Inc - Barnsbury Road
Essence - Ciao Oliviero
OPI - The Man With The Golden Gun

Are you a Hobbit fan? Have you seen the movie yet? Let me know your thoughts!

12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Decorations

Hello lovelies!

While this isn't exactly nail art, I think these polishes do well to stand alone.

I know the challenge is Christmas Decorations and I reckon these polishes are just the prettiest, glitteriest colours!  

Polishes used:
Julie G - Ho Ho Ho
Julie G - Mistletoe
Julie G - Gift of Gold
Julie G - Sleigh Ride
Julie G - Hot Cinnamon

I'd be happy with a tree decorated with so many pretty colours.

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