Monday, 30 December 2013

Allure - False Nails

Hi lovies!

Bit of a different post from me today. False nails. I'm sure you've seen my stumps. I've been stress biting recently. They've been really bad, I even managed to get an infection in my pinkie. 

Pinkie aside I thought I'd try some false nails. I usually struggle with false nails as I've really small nail beds. These however were perfect!

I got them in Poundland and they come in a pack of 36! Basically 3 sets of nails for £1!  They also came in 3 colours, pink, lemon and mint. 

You get 12 nails in each colour, I used the smallest to the second largest. No filing down required I just gave them a wee file where you could see where they'd been attached. 

I'll report back as to how long they last. But so far I'm loving the shape, length, colour and of course price! 

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