Monday, 6 January 2014

China Glaze - Smoke and Ashes

Hello lovelies! 

It looks like a few days of falsies and a few days of rest has helped my nubbins a wee bit. I've now got an infected pinkie (left hand) and infected ring finger (right hand) but I'm doing my best to get my anxiety and stress under control again. 

Anyway onto the polish. I was looking through at their sale and they'd a lot of the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection. I saw Smoke and Ashes and remembered how much I loved it so thought as it's a dark colour it'd look ok on me at the mo. 

This is 1 coat of Smoke and Ashes. It always reminds me of a bird, you know how their feathers look her black but when the light hits them there's often a slick of colour, in this case green. 

Do you have a polish that you always seem to go back to?

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  1. My go to polish is Sally Hansen Naked Ambition. It is a nude but it has the prettiest shimmer throughout so it is a palette cleanser with some sparkle. I tend to reach for it a lot. It's my favorite neutral. I also will reach for the pretty gray gunmetal Sally Hansen's Tyin' The Knot. When I don't know what to wear, I grab those polishes. They make me happy.


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